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You are and always will be my little girl.

The Husky and the Sheltie

The Husky and The Sheltie

Two adorable puppies are waiting in a small pet shelter,
hoping, and waiting desperately for a home.

The little girl is playing with the puppies, all are happy.
Then a scream, and tears running down the little girls
face. . . What happened?

This is a touching story of these two cute, but different
puppies, and how they touched the life of a little girl.

Along the way they all learn a lesson about the love
deep within
the heart of a child, and a little about
themselves too.

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The Husky and the Sheltie Coloring

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images/stories/spacer.gifimages/stories/spacer.gifimages/stories/spacer.gifimages/stories/spacer.gif My first book is now available!


From the Spirit to your Heart is a collection of poetry and
inspired works of art. This collection will bring a smile to your face,
and at times a tear to your eye.

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