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Welcome to my main teaching page. My portfolio encompasses information on my teaching career: including past assignments, and my philosophy of teaching, sample observations and materials. I have included links of interest throughout the pages.   This page is but one example of technology and how I may utilize those skills to enhance instruction in the classroom.

I began working at a private school as a computer support analyst.  Shortly after, I left the support position to assume a teaching position there in a newly formed Robotics program.  That particular program was the result of a joint venture between the school and Stevens Institute of Technology, titled Build-IT,  and began with the successful completion of teacher training at Stevens.

Over my tenure with the private school I effectively gained experience as a teacher in the following departments: Robotics, Computer and Technology Education for grades Kindergarten through 8, Substutite Teaching Grades K-8, and Middle School Bible.  Throughout this time my interest in education continued to heighten.  As a direct result thereof, I decided to return to college to pursue what I firmly believe to be the personal calling in life; to be a full-time elementary teacher.

I graduated in 2012 with my B.A. in History and obtained NJ State Elementary K-6 CEAS Certification.

I hope to give the children a solid foundation of their education, and shepherd them towards achieving their maximum potential as moral, caring and intelligent individuals.

I hope you enjoy the collective pages and sample teaching materials.